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Before contacting Suzuki Australia we encourage you to first contact your Suzuki Dealer directly and check out the FAQs below. If they are not able to assist then please Submit an enquiry.


Before contacting Suzuki Australia we encourage you to first contact your Suzuki Dealer directly and check out the FAQs below. If they are not able to assist then please Submit an enquiry.

Suzuki motorcycles, unless specifically designed to comply to Australian Design Rules (ADR) cannot usually be imported into Australia. Suzuki Australia is unable to directly assist individuals import their motorcycles into Australia. Should you require assistance with personal the importation of a motorcycle into Australia please visit the following website:  

You can locate your closest authorised Suzuki Motorcycle dealer  by clicking on  Locate a dealer featured at the top right hand corner of this website. Type in your postcode or suburb, or alternatively click ‘Use Current Location’ and a list of nearest Suzuki Dealers in your area will display.

Suzuki supports our retail customers with many fantastic sales incentives. Please allow 6-8 weeks to process your claim once we receive retail delivery advise  from your Suzuki Motorcycle dealer. 

For motorcycles produced from 1999 onwards and imported to Australia by Suzuki Australia Pty Ltd, this information can be best assessed by your dealer through the Suzuki parts information system. Please contact an authorised Suzuki motorcycle dealer and provide the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), engine number or serial number of your motorcycle to the parts department.

Performing modification or installations to your motorcycle that remove it from the original specification is not recommended by Suzuki Australia. As this is the case Suzuki Australia is not able to assist with requests regarding modifications to any Suzuki motorcycle which involves the installation of components not specifically designed for the type.

Some Suzuki motorcycles require the use of premium grade fuels to achieve their full power output. Please refer to the owners literature supplied with your motorcycle for further information. Suzuki Australia always recommends that you ensure your fuel is purchased from a reliable source, and that the fuel used is always fresh and free of contaminants.

Yes, due to the requirement of a 4-stroke engine to lubricate components in the combustion area, it is expected that some engine oil will be consumed. The amount consumed will vary depending on the type of oil used, age of the oil and the operating conditions the motorcycle is subjected to. Should you have a concern regarding oil consumption please contact an authorised Suzuki motorcycle dealer.

All Suzuki road registered motorcycles are manufactured to conform to Australian Design Rule (ADR which states that a speedometer must indicate the actual vehicle speed for all speeds above 40kms an hour to an accuracy of plus 10%.

All warranty issues must be attended to by an authorised Suzuki motorcycle dealer. Please refer to Locate a dealer  to find for your closest dealer.

As warranty covers the unit for manufacturing defects only, ensuring your motorcycle is regularly maintained using approved lubricants and replacement parts will ensure that the coverage afforded by the manufacturer’s warranty is not affected. However please be aware that manufacturer’s warranty does not cover failures caused by faulty workmanship or the use of non-approved replacement parts or lubricants. We strongly recommend you use an authorised Suzuki dealer as they are factory trained, have the necessary special tools and access to up to date technical information.

All Suzuki genuine accessories are fully supported by a specific warranty. Please contact your dealer for further information. In the case of non-genuine accessories the responsibility for installation and compatibility rests with the supplier. Please note that modifications such as alteration to the engine control systems, exhaust components or motorcycle control elements may affect the performance and/or durability of the unit.

Suzuki Australia is not able to provide replacements warranty and service handbooks as these contain the documented service history of your motorcycle which is unable to be replicated. Should the service handbook be lost or destroyed, Suzuki Australia advises that you keep all service receipts issued by you dealer to record your service history. As this book is an important part of the proof of service for your motorcycle, Suzuki Australia recommends that this book is stored in a secure location away from the motorcycle.

Only authorised Suzuki dealers are able to provide full support for all of your genuine Suzuki parts and authorised accessory needs.

Always provide the VIN (vehicle identification number), engine number or serial number of your motorcycle to the parts department as this is the best way to ensure the correct part is located for your motorcycle.

Should you require additional or replacement immobilizer keys for you motorcycle, please contact your Suzuki dealer as they are able to provide and program the new keys to your unit. Suzuki Australia strongly advises all owners to store the supplied spare key in a secure location as a loss of both supplied keys will require replacement of the engine control unit and lock set.

The paint codes used by Suzuki motorcycles are unique making the paint codes referred to by automotive paint suppliers irrelevant. As such, most automotive paint suppliers will not be able to recognise the paint code as listed in your owner’s literature. 

Contact your preferred Suzuki dealer and inform them of the contents of the letter you have received. They will make an appointment for you to have the recall repairs performed.

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