Our commitment to your enjoyment of your purchase does not stop here. Throughout your entire journey of Suzuki ownership, we’ll be here to ensure your complete satisfaction.

With so many cool functions and features of your new Suzuki, we recommend you
familiarise yourself with the operation, servicing, and care requirements by reading your Owner’s Manual and this Warranty & Service booklet.

Having your Suzuki serviced in accordance with the scheduled maintenance chart is essential in maintaining maximum security under warranty and ensuring your investment’s value is protected.

If you still have questions afterwards, the nationwide Authorised Suzuki Dealer network is factory trained and all our team members will be happy to help. No request is too small or large, we’re here for the life of your Suzuki.


Warranty Provider

This warranty is provided by Suzuki Australia Pty Limited (SAPL) (ACN 001 828 164) of 97-105 Cherry Lane, Laverton North, VIC 3026.

Warranty Policy

SAPL warrants that, in the event of any defects in manufacture or workmanship of a new Suzuki motorcycle, or any part or parts thereof (normal wear parts excluded), being disclosed immediately by the purchaser of the motorcycle to an authorised Suzuki Dealer during the period of the warranty, an authorised Suzuki dealer will, at SAPL’s sole option, either repair or replace the defective part or parts at no charge, subject to the exclusions and conditions set out in this warranty.

All repairs under this warranty must be carried out by an authorised Suzuki dealer. This warranty applies only to motorcycles and ATVs supplied or distributed by or through SAPL and only while a motorcycle or ATV resides in Australia or its Territories.

All defective parts removed under this warranty shall become the property of SAPL and shall be returned by the authorised Suzuki Dealer to SAPL upon request.

Note: Goods presented for repair may be exchanged with a refurbished replacement of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may also be used to
repair the goods. Repairs may result in the loss of data contained within the goods. Suzuki takes no responsibility for the loss of such data

Standard Warranty Periods

The warranty period commences upon taking delivery of your new Suzuki motorcycle or ATV. In the case of a dealer demonstrator model, the warranty commenced when the unit was first placed into service, and continues until the following terms have expired:

2 Year, 24 MONTHS UNLIMITED KILOMETRES – On road registrable street models 125cc and over with the following exceptions.
2 Year, 24 MONTHS UNLIMITED KILOMETRES – Scooter (Address 110 / UK110).
1 Year, 12 MONTHS UNLIMITED KILOMETRES – On road registered enduro models (DR-Z400E & DR-200S), Super Motard model (DR-Z400SM), 2-wheel Ag model (Trojan / DR200SE), Fun ATV Range (QuadSport Z50 & QuadSport Z90)
6 MONTHS UNLIMITED KILOMETRES – Two Wheel Fun Range (DR-Z125L, DR-Z125 & JR80)
NO WARRANTY COVER – Competition models (RM, RM-Z Series)

If your model is not included, please consult your authorised Suzuki Motorcycle Dealer.


Bonus 12-month Warranty Extension

Suzuki Scooters & GSX-R, GSX-S, Hayabusa, SV and V-STROM road registered models purchased after 1st July 2021 are eligible for an additional bonus 12-month warranty extension (3 Years / 36 months in total) if the following conditions are met:

(a) The eligible motorcycle is serviced and maintained in accordance with the product service schedule outlined in your Owner’s handbook based on time or mileage, whichever comes first.

(b) Service inspections must be performed exclusively by an authorised Suzuki Motorcycle Dealer or appointed Suzuki Service Agent.

(c) Only genuine Suzuki parts and oils must be used during both the standard and bonus warranty periods.


First Service     2 Months    OR       1,000Kms    2 Months   + 60 days    OR    1,000Kms   + 1,000Kms
Second Service     12 Months    OR      12,000Kms  12 Months   + 60 days    OR    12,000Kms   + 2,000Kms
Third Service     24 Months    OR       24,000Kms    24 Months   + 60 days    OR    24,000Kms   + 2,000Kms

If an authorised Suzuki Dealer replaces or repairs any parts under this warranty, the warranty will be extended to cover those parts for the remainder of the original warranty period and any applicable bonus warranty periods. A subsequent owner can obtain the benefits of any unexpired portion of the warranty by taking the Motorcycle or ATV to an authorised Suzuki Dealer for a warranty transfer inspection within 14 days of the date of purchase.

The Dealer will then notify SAPL,  and the warranty transfer will be processed accordingly. The Authorised Suzuki Dealer will require proof of ownership and a full-service history. To obtain warranty as a subsequent owner all requirements as set out in the Warranty and Service Record Booklet must still be adhered to.


(a) The expense of returning the motorcycle or ATV to an authorised Suzuki Motorcycle dealer and the expense incurred by that dealer in returning the product to you.

(b) Normal wear parts, such as, but not limited to replacement service parts due at time of scheduled maintenance. Items such as spark plugs, light globes, fuses, brake and clutch linings, carbon bushes, coolant, tyres and tubes, cables, sprockets, wheel spokes, chains, fuel, and oil filters.

(c) Normal maintenance services and first inspection service, including but not limited to, oil changes and adjustments to carburettor, fuel injection system, valve clearance, clutch, and brakes components.

(d) Warranty is not available for any items purchased at auction, from an online site where product was not originally purchased from or imported by SAPL or from an insurance company where they are damaged, have been written off or repaired.

(e) Any repairs or replacements required as a result of an accident or collision.

(f) Any defects caused by misuse, negligence, abnormal use, or insufficient care,
including without limitation, abnormal piston wear, seizure, bent or broken valves and other drivetrain components.

(g) Any Suzuki motorcycle or ATV that has been modified or altered, including without limitation, the installation of performance accessories and fitment of non-genuine parts.

(h) Any defect attributable to the installation of parts or accessories not approved by SAPL, especially with respect to electrical components or other items.

(i) Any Suzuki motorcycle or ATV which has not received, during the entirety of the warranty term, the mandatory maintenance inspections as prescribed at specific intervals as listed in the Owner’s manual or as exists resultant to advice from SAPL. This would also be pertinent in consideration of any special claims that may arise.


(j) Any Suzuki motorcycle or ATV that has received maintenance service using non-genuine replacement parts performed by other than an authorised SAPL Service Dealer (unless specified by SAPL).

(k) The provisions afforded under the new Suzuki motorcycle or ATV warranty are available to the currently registered owner only. This also applies to demonstrator units. However, warranty title may be transferred with proper authority from SAPL.

(l) Any Suzuki motorcycle or ATV which has been deemed to have been operated
beyond its design intent, i.e., overloading, immersion in liquids or exposure to extreme operating environments.

(m) Component failure due to misuse, abuse, abnormal operation, negligence, alteration, improper storage, high pressure or steam cleaning, crash damage, use in competition, fitting of non-genuine parts and accessories (such as but not limited to sidecars, towbars and trailers, or any other form of attachment) and lack of precaution or maintenance applied given the type of usage or conditions experienced.

(n) Incidental and/or consequential loss or damages.

(o) Damage caused by continuing to operate the Motorcycle while a fault or defect is known to exist.

(p) Any work or adjustment carried out by anyone other than an authorised Suzuki Dealer resulting in damage to the Motorcycle.

(q) Motorcycles in commercial applications which have been modified to suit specific purposes where the vehicle is removed from the original specification or additional loads or stresses above those recommended by Suzuki may be applied to the vehicle and failure of the driveline or frame occurs. These motorcycles will be subject to SAPL inspection and authorisation to repair will be withheld in the above circumstances.

(r) SAPL and the Suzuki Motor Corporation reserve the right to change or improve the design of any Motorcycle without assuming any obligations to modify any Motorcycle previously manufactured.

Note: Even though this warranty is limited or does not apply in the circumstances set out above, you may still have rights under Australian laws, including the Australian Consumer Law in such circumstances. If you have any questions regarding  warranty or service-related matters, please do not hesitate to consult your authorised Suzuki Motorcycle Dealer.

Spare Parts and Accessory Policy

a) All genuine parts and accessories sold over the counter carry a 12 month warranty. In the event of failure, a replacement part or accessory will be provided but SAPL will not cover the cost of installation.

b) Any genuine part or accessory fitted by a dealer during motorcycle or ATV delivery is covered for the duration of the motorcycle or ATV warranty (including any extensions offered by SAPL).

c) Any genuine part or accessory fitted to a motorcycle or ATV by a dealer that is still covered by warranty, will be covered for 12 months or the balance of the overall warranty – whichever is greater.

d) All genuine parts and accessories sold by SAPL are designed to comply with Suzuki products manufactured specifically for the Australian market. Any genuine part or accessory fitted to imported products (not distributed by SAPL) will not be covered by warranty.

Electrical components:
Please note that warranty does not apply to any electrical component sold over the counter.

Advantage of Genuine Parts & Accessories

  • Keep it Real

    Suzuki recommends genuine parts and oil/chemical to maintain high levels of safety, reliability, comfort and performance.

  • Perfect Fit

    All Genuine Suzuki Parts & Accessories meet rigorous levels of standards for performance, quality, durability, etc, set by Suzuki.

  • Optimal design & specification

     Genuine parts will keep your Suzuki motorcycle running at its best.

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