$4,190 Ride away or $23p/w* or $23p/w*

Purchase a new Address 110 and  receive a BONUS 30L Top Box Kit  valued at $265. Offer ends 30 September 2024.

Address 110

$4,190 Ride away
or $23p/w* or $23p/w*

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A lifestyle statement that says as much about your personality as where you want to go.

This head turning street smart all-rounder is more than a stylish commuter.

The Address 110 sports responsive acceleration, optimised fuel economy and an accommodating 20.6 litre luggage compartment that provides more than ample room for your helmet and riding gear.

Plus, the sleek city dimension makes every ride – whether it’s to the school or office, shopping runs – a sheer exciting one..

“Get around all-rounder”

  • Performance:  6.7kW/8,000rpm maximum power
  • Torque: 8.6nM/6,5000rpm
  • Weight:  100kg
  • Seat height:  755mm
  • Fuel economy: 2.1L/100km
  • Fuel tank: 5.2l
  • Warranty: 2 years


A simple little runabout”

“If you live in the city and want affordable, fuss-free transport, there’s a much to like about the Suzuki Address 110. This is an unpretentious, unapologetic little commuter. It does exactly what it’s meant to do, and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is: a simple little runabout”.


“Gets the job done without breaking the bank”

“Looking for a good place to start riding and thinking about a small scooter? Check out Suzuki’s Address 110, a machine built to offer great value as well as an easy entry point.

A small capacity air-cooled powerplant is fairly basic but will propel a single rider to 80 km/h with ease, unless you hit a big enough hill! The featherweight light 97 kg package is ultra-easy to handle too, with unassuming brakes comprising a drum rear and disc front. IRC tyres offer good grip even in the wet, with narrow wheels ensuring agile and nimble handling and an easy turning circle.

Moto Journo Kris




Single-cylinder, air-cooled

Designed for low fuel consumption, the 113cm3 engine delivers a precisely controlled performance at low and medium speeds.


Precise fuel injection

Engine Control Unit uses data from 6 sensors to optimize engine performance and efficiency.


Highly maneuverable, comfortable to ride

Large floorboard to rest your feet while riding


20.6 litre underseat storage

Conveniently large enough for a full-face helmet, rain gear and other small items.


Utility hooks

Conveniently secure two helmets when parked.

Learner approved

Nimble, agile and lightweight

107kg wet weight, achieves outstanding fuel efficiency of 2.1L/100km


Covered key with seat opener

Access the under-seat compartment using the main ignition keyhole. Key hole is covered by lid to prevent motorcycle theft.


Single-cylinder, air-cooled


Precise fuel injection


Highly maneuverable, comfortable to ride


20.6 litre underseat storage


Utility hooks

Learner approved

Nimble, agile and lightweight


Covered key with seat opener

Breathtaking acceleration and optimized fuel economy

Its 113cm³, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled, SOHC, fuel-injected engine delivers polished performance, especially at low and medium speeds.

Precise fuel injection optimizes engine performance and efficiency. The ECU (Engine Control Unit) uses data from 6 sensors, including the throttle position, atmospheric pressure, intake pressure, temperature, speed, and exhaust O2 sensors to precisely control the system’s operation in real time.

Fuel consumption is an economical 2.1L/100km in WMTC mode. With the 5.2L fuel tank, its riding range is 247km.

* Measured by SUZUKI in WMTC mode.
* Actual fuel economy may vary depending on riding conditions.

The rocker arm roller bearings smoothly open and close the valves, contributing to reduced friction between the arm and the camshaft.

The efficient camshaft profile design achieves ideal valve lift, which improves combustion efficiency and reduces engine noise.

Sleek urban dimensions make every ride exciting

The 20.6L capacity underseat storage accommodates a full-face helmet, while also providing ample space to store riding gloves, rain gear, and other small items in a recessed rear area of the compartment.

* Helmets of certain shapes may not fit in the underseat storage compartment.
* Do not use the storage compartments for items that are fragile, valuable, dangerous, or susceptible to heat.

Reinforced hooks on both the left and right sides allow you to conveniently secure two helmets when parked.

Convenient front inner pockets are located behind the leg shield.

Both the 600ml left and 500ml right inner pockets provide ample room. (Total maximum weight capacity is 1.5kg.)

The ignition key cylinder is veiled by a shuttered cover, which is opened and closed using a magnet embedded on the tip of the key. The covered keyhole helps to prevent the motorcycle

The ignition key also has seat opener function. It is able to open the seat easily by just turning the ignition key to left.

When parked resting on the side stand, the rear brake can be locked in the engaged position.

This system helps to prevent rear tyre movement.

A side stand switch prevents engine ignition while the side stand is down.

The fuel tank’s large 5.2L capacity combines with the highly fuel efficient engine to carry the

Address remarkably long distances on a single tank of gas.
The large floorboard provides plenty of space to accommodate shoes of many sizes. Cutaway floorboards enable you to easily reach the ground with your feet.

UK110NEL5_Action_10-698×795.jpg (698×795) (suzukimotorcycles.com.au)” alt=”” width=”698″ height=”795″ />

Sharp & Youthful

Providing the low amount of friction among SUZUKI’s performance-proven compact motor scooter engines, this remarkable engine powers the Address 110 to new heights of performance and convenience.

Optimised valve angles and intake port design combined with an intelligent fuel-injection system, sophisticated camshaft and roller rocker arm make the Address 110 not only powerful for its size but also extremely quiet.

Designed for easy visibility, the large speedometer is located in the center panel. To further ensure at-a-glance viewing of current speed, the malfunction indicator, fuel gauge, high beam indicator and each gauge are separated by raised dividers.


  • Displacement

  • Engine

    Single-cylinder, air-cooled, SOHC
  • Transmission

    Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
  • Front Suspension

    Telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
  • Rear Suspension

    Link type, coil spring, oil damped
  • Front Brakes

    Disc, Combined Brake System (CBS)
  • Rear Brakes

    Drum, Combined Brake System (CBS)
  • Length

  • Width

  • Height

  • Wheelbase

  • Seat Height

  • Fuel Capacity

  • Wet Weight

  • Tyres - front

    80/90-14 M/C 40P, tubeless
  • Tyres - rear

    90/90-14 M/C 46P, tubeless
  • Warranty

    2 Year Unlimited Kilometre
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