Hayabusa 25th Anniversary Model

Suzuki unveils the 25th Anniversary Model of the Flagship Motorcycle Hayabusa.
The Hayabusa, Suzuki Motor Corporation’s flagship motorcycle, celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023. In commemoration, Suzuki introduces the 25th anniversary model.
The special features for the 25th anniversary model are an orange and black-based body, and special colours for the drive chain adjuster and front brake disk inner. Original engravings have been added to the muffler body and drive chain, and a 25th anniversary emblem and a three-dimensional "SUZUKI" logo on the tank. Also, the single-seat cowl is standard equipment.
The first generation of the model was introduced at Intermot, held in Germany in 1998, as the "Hayabusa (GSX1300R)" and sales started in Europe and North America in 1999. The product concept was “Ultimate Sport”, and its high power and handling performance, coupled with its unique and aerodynamic styling, created a sensation and it became a flagship motorcycle representing Suzuki.
The second generation, with increased displacement from 1,299cm3 to 1,340cm3, was released in 2007. It inherited the outstanding and powerful performance of the first generation, with a newly adopted feature, the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (SDMS), which allowed adjusting of the output characteristics by riders’ choice. Sales also expanded worldwide, launching Japanese domestic specs for the first time in 2014 and starting production and sales in India in 2016.
In 2021, the third generation Hayabusa was introduced, with a fully improved engine and chassis, and various electronic controls. The engine and chassis parts have been fully reassessed, along with adopting the electronic control system "S.I.R.S (Suzuki Intelligent Ride System)", such as traction control systems and Bi-directional quick shift systems, making this model powerful yet controllable, and embody the styling design concept, “The Refined Beast”.
Currently, the Hayabusa is sold in 48 countries worldwide, including the United States, Europe, India, and Latin America, with cumulative series production of over 200,000 units.
Quote from Suzuki Motor Corporation President Mr Toshihiro Suzuki:
“The Hayabusa series has been a flagship model representing Suzuki, and has fans all over the world. We would like to express our deepest gratitude that this model is able to celebrate its 25th anniversary, and that it has been continuously loved by everyone for this long.
I have personally test ridden the prototype of the current third generation model, and I am proud to say that we, the Suzuki team, can present to you the best model to date.
The Hayabusa will never stop its evolution. We ask for your continued love and support.”
Hayabusa: 25 Years of History
1998Unveiled at Intermot, Germany as the "Hayabusa (GSX1300R)"
1999 Started sales
2007 Started sales of second generation
2014 Started sales of Japan specification
2016 Started production and sales in India
2021 Started sales of third generation
2022 Achieved accumulated production of 200,000 units
Suzuki Australia will announce pricing and availability in early July.
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