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STAINTUNE DR-Z400E Exhaust Muffler



STAINTUNE mufflers make an excellent addition to the DR-Z and are one of the few products  we  would say matches the quality of the DR-Z itself. Excellent choice for those prolonged off-road adventures, easy on the ears and very durable.


  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Polished Stainless Finish
  • 50mm Stainless steel straight core
  • Meets in-service noise standard (baffle in) 94dba @3200rpm
  • Local Aussie made and backed by STAINTUNE 10 year fit and finish warranty
  • Easy no fuss fitment that retains header heat shield

What?s in the box:

  • Staintune Muffler
  • Header Joint Clamp
  • Rear Mount Grommet
  • Rear Mounting Bolt 40mm

Fitting Note: No jetting required but may require some fine tuning of the pilot screw and Idle speed. Consult your local Suzuki Dealer if required.


DR-Z400E : 2000 ->


  • DR-Z400E (2003)
  • DR-Z400E (2002)
  • DR-Z400E (2001)
  • DR-Z400E (2000)
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