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V-STROM 35L Plastic Top Case Set (MY23>)



Elegant Top Case retains the sporty and stylish appearance of your V-STROM while providing plenty of storage space. (35 litres) Top Case is large enough to hold a full-face helmet, with one-key system using the ignition key for locking/unlocking.

Kit includes:
93300-25810 - Plastic top case (35L)
93900-31830 - Top case carrier set 35L
95700-48820 - Lock set 35L Plastic (2 piece)

V-STROM 800DE 2023~
V-STROM 800 2024~
V-STROM 1050RR 2023~
V-STROM 1050RJ 2023~


  • V-STROM 800 (2024)
  • V-STROM 1050 (2023)
  • V-STROM 1050DE (2023)
  • V-STROM 800DE (2023)
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