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V-Strom Wheel Pinstripe Red/Blk -Front



This product is
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Customise your bike's appearance with these red/black pinstripe decals featuring the V-Strom logo.

x1 Set for 19" Front Wheel

V-Strom 650: 2012 >
V-Strom 650XT: 2015 >

V-Strom 1000: 2014 >
V-Strom 1000XT: 2018 - 2019

V-STROM 1050: 2020
V-STROM 1050XT: 2020 >


  • V-Strom 650XT (2020)
  • V-Strom 1000XT (2019)
  • V-Strom 650 (2018)
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