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RM85 Pro Circuit Platinum Exhaust (MY02>)



The Pro Circuit Platinum exhaust pipe utilises a platinum plating on the body to protect it from everyday elements. Precision in design and engineering makes even the smallest details into a work of art. The Platinum Pipe is a unique fusion of power, elegance and utility that pushes the boundaries of the sport's riding pleasure.

  • Stamped AKDQ high quality carbon steel construction
  • Hand welded and pounded seams
  • Reinforced mounting brackets and stinger
  • Electroless nickel plating increase?s part life 2-10x longer
  • Made in the USA

RM85: 2002 >
RM85L: 2002 >


  • RM85 (2005)
  • RM85 (2004)
  • RM85 (2003)
  • RM85 (2002)
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